Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just a Touch

When I miss out on a hot beauty product...let's just say...I am not a Camp Rock alum. Picture it: Bloomies 2006/07, YSL releases the best on the go nail product ever: Nail Touch. I wrestled internally. Should I get it? Do I really need it? Other cosmetic companies had similar products, so why spend the extra for YSL? Before I could finally make up my mind to take the was 'N Sync...GONE! I was informed that it was L.E. But there were rumors of a revival coming soon. So I waited on the regret sideline. Boy was it lonely but worth the wait. Besides the following facts:

  1. One-handed operation(yes...I can carry baby on my hip and paint my nails at the same time).

  2. An array of 4 color choices: 1 Crystal, 2 Beige, 3Pink(my choice), 4Pearly.

  3. The packaging is darling in a metallic gold(biased I am).

  4. It delivers loooooong lasting wear.

It dries ultra fast. I have things to do. Waiting for nails to dry when I know I have a diaper to change is not one of them. Which makes the Touch the bestest. Chicettes unite. Raise your golden nail varnish wheeling wand high in the air or tuck it in your back pocket and head out the door.

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