Monday, August 07, 2006

Dior, My Dear, Watson

After westling the Dillard's department store invite to preview the new Dior cosmetic fall line out of my husband's hand. He tried to say it was his since it was addressed to him. That was a mere technicality. There was a free Dior necklace at stake and he was playing. Anyways, during my visit to the counter, I encountered my next treasture: Dior Detective Palette. Dior's answer to Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick Compact. And to think I almost cheated on one of my favorite Cosmetic lovers. I have to give props to Ms. Brown. The Compact kept calling me. No, seriously, it kept calling me with debit card in hand. Dior must have sensed my wandering eyes. Now I am thinking should I buy now(Ebay has corrupted me) or let someone bless me with it as Christmas present? Must...fight...erge to buy now. Must...stand...ground. Dior's will. Heck,I am going to lunch. I need to clear my the Dior counter. Shamed. Smooches.

Summertime in Venice

Why is it a new hairdo gives you a new attitude? Most women dye or cut their hair. But as you know I have to take it to the next level. For the summer, I got a half wig. Hey don't judge me. I had to cut my hair and now it is in the "inbetween stage". So I had no choice, so there. Her name is Venice Girl. I actually look oh so chic with her placed upon my head. What does my husband think you might ask? Well he loves it only because it is like he cheating on me Smooches.

Break Out the Bubbly

I have decided the turn over a new leaf: take better care of myself. First by starting with the small stuff: nails. Recently returned from ATL. While visiting the Lenox Mall(it is like putting gas in my car, I have to go), I stopped in the Kate Spade boutique. Picked up the much wanted gold metallic card case. Now you would think that was my only obsession. The SA had the world's cutest manicure with the world's cutest nail polish. I could not take my eyes off of her hands. I had to know the name: OPI's Bubble Bath. It universally looks great on anyone's hands. In keeping with my "new leaf", recently went in for a manicure and requested Bubble Bath. Even the manicurist was impressed;however, she didn't honor my OPI Black Onyx request. That is another talkshow topic in itself. So now I am stuck: should I continue to pamper myself and get a manicure every 2 weeks(FYI: doesn't even last for a good week) or should I just buy the dang polish and ditch the $18-$20 plus tip per salon visit expense? Yeah that is what I thought, there goes another "new leaf" blowing in the wind. Smooches.