Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Le Sigh

Le Sigh. Why on earth am I so lazy? I mean there is no other word to describe it. First let me start of by saying I love being girly: Uptown Glamour, Park Avenue Princess, Kiddie Couture. Etc, Etc, ETC! So why am I not able to maintain the comestics side of it. I admire the women in my life the get up early and make that extra effort to apply facial enhancments. All I can muster up is lipgloss and eyeliner...IN THE CAR! My hubby, of all people, wants me to do more in the make-up department. So today I vow it. That I, DeeDee Delovely(what were you expecting? My REAL name?...This is still the internet, home of identity theft), will go to bed at 10P.M. and awaken at 6:30A.M. The snooze button will be dead to me. On my next shopping excursion, I will stock up on Dior and Chanel for the face, body and mind. Smooches.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Struck Shopping Gold

What an eventful weekend. Went roller skating Friday night. That was a mess in itself. I am married to the Skating King. Who by the way as been dethrone and is trying to regain his crown. Calls himself prepping for when the Skate Queen, one of my best friends, arrives for the Great Skate Showdown. TOO MUCH! Went shopping this weekend. Scored some glam goodies: Pink Delman satin lace up espadrille flats - $25;Ice blue TODS driving mocs - $50; Juicy Couture rhinestone Gothic letter D charm for my Juicy charm bracelet - $25. Those are my major scores. Then there was the impromptu BBQ. It was so unexpected but so needed. That atmosphere was just great. The food, the socializing. Our house needed that. I guess when you throw Madea in the mix, there are endless possibilities. Sunday... I went to church... 2 SUNDAYS IN A ROW. So proud. Life is Good...Because God is Good. Smooches.