Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Smooth Criminal

We have all heard the term"Killer Heels". I admit it could have a positive or negative spin. I personally prefer the former. I love em...low end...high end. Doesn't matter. Come to think of it, what red-blooded diva doesn't? It is encoded in our DNA. But there is,my friends, a very fragile line between love and hate. No matter how deep my love runnings for elevated footwear, I am realizing that regardless of which cost end I pluck from..well...heels are gonna hurt. Or so I thought. I believe Tamara Mellon(Founder and President of Jimmy Choo) has me eating humble pie and I hate pie. I bought my first pair of Jimmy Choos(style: Smooth in a metallic silver) . They are a classic staple in any glamozon's wardrobe. I love em. Can't stop wearing em. They fit like a glove. Like most couture works of art, the craftmanship is exquisite. Much to my delight, they feel like an eighteen hour bra but for feet. Now don't misunderstand, heels are heels, eventually all of them will turn on your pedals in the end. Remember we all want the same thing: pretty shoes but don't want to end up with dead "Dawgs" walking!


Paris Pastry said...

We have to suffer for fashion! I bought my first pair of Louboutins a while back.. now those are some killer heels! They kill my feet, but hey, they look good and are obviously meant for sitting all day!

elledee said...

wow! I want shoes that feel like that!