Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Satin Touch

Is it possible to have a crush on an object? I am in love with Chanel's latest must have item: Black Satin. Nail polish for those not in the know. It's black. Midnight black. Vamp black. Onyx black. So chic. I must say my toes look foward to being sexed up fully coated in satin. It is not only popular with me but with almost every it fashionista. I heard it was the official must have color to wear at MTV VMAs. It is two of my favorite words: Limited Edition. But that was what was said about Chanel's all time top seller: Vamp. It is sold out most places. But I know where to buy it in bulk. But to quote Brittany Muphy in Don't Say a Word..."I'll Never Tell". Smooches