Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here, Kitty Kitty

Ok...let me begin by saying that one of my best friends not I is the Hello Kitty fanatic. However Hello Kitty Party Pals for Gameboy Advance is addictive. So addictive, that a dear friend of my hubby and I started to feen just playing the copy that I have. She mentions during her obssesive rave that she has to have it. I start to tell her be blessed attempting to locate it because it has been discontinued. Now a true giver would just say let her have the copy I currently have. The Devil is a liar. Then it hit me. I had an extra copy due to the fact that my fashion soul sister(the Hello Kitty feener) had already bought it. I was blessed not only with the task of giving her another game( Mario and Luigi : Partners in Time) but I had to return the HK. Bummer. In mid sentence, I got up like I was in a trance. My husband and her were like what is up. I would not answer them when they kept asking what was wrong. I was on a mission to locate the game to give to her. Yeah I could have had 20 bucks back in my pocket , but the look on her face. The unxpected look one has when they were not expecting to have their wish granted so quickly. She was using the scripture to it's fullest extent. Ask and she shall receice. And hey God loveths a cheerful giver. Smooches.

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