Friday, June 16, 2006

Glazing the Trail

Think of the wonderful things that accompany the word glaze: chicken, donuts, lipgloss. Oh don't even act as if you didn't see that one coming. I have been on the never ending quest for chic gloss. Yes I could have just settled for any drugstore brand. But we are talking about me. I wanted something from a couture line of cosmetics that was transparent, non-sticky and would send any lipgloss loving chicette spinting to her nearest beauty counter. I have to first give credit where credit is do: Jennifer Lopez. She mentioned that she buys one lipgloss in bulk: Chanel Glossimer in Glaze. Could it be that great? It was not like she was the official spokesperson for Chanel. And how come I had not heard about it. I mean even through my Dior induded gloss overdoses, I have not once recall ever hearing any Chanel Glossimer devotee whispering that is was the holy grail of lip wear. At that point, I knew I needed a hit. At first I thought ok I am brown like a crayon. There is no way that I would every be able to wear that color. For crying out loud it was pink...PINK!!! Once the beauty associate removed the wand from the tube, the hook was in my mouth. Can Jen's lipgloss binge be warrented? Can it be that this lipgloss holds the Uber title? Yes to both. I have cleared out my makeup bag to allow only for IT and well the Dior sparkle lip palette(it has a mirror). I am after all a Dior addict. I refuse to stand before and tell you that I have sworn off buying anymore glosses. But I must admit,I await each moment(long wear) to dress up my kisser. And it makes my smooches much more meaningful if my lips are coated in Chanel. Smooches.

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