Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Le Sigh

Le Sigh. Why on earth am I so lazy? I mean there is no other word to describe it. First let me start of by saying I love being girly: Uptown Glamour, Park Avenue Princess, Kiddie Couture. Etc, Etc, ETC! So why am I not able to maintain the comestics side of it. I admire the women in my life the get up early and make that extra effort to apply facial enhancments. All I can muster up is lipgloss and eyeliner...IN THE CAR! My hubby, of all people, wants me to do more in the make-up department. So today I vow it. That I, DeeDee Delovely(what were you expecting? My REAL name?...This is still the internet, home of identity theft), will go to bed at 10P.M. and awaken at 6:30A.M. The snooze button will be dead to me. On my next shopping excursion, I will stock up on Dior and Chanel for the face, body and mind. Smooches.