Thursday, September 29, 2005

Captain Kirk, where have you been?

Usually I love to give an artist time to release the album after they have bombarded me with the first single that gets radio airplay. Normally after hearing it for about the umpteenth time, I have made up my mind that I will be making that purchase. Well, during my normal pilgrimage to work this morning, I heard Kirk Frankin's new single from his upcoming album. MUST HAVE IT...STAT!!!! I know, based off of one song? Kirk has yet to fail me. And I know he wouldn't start now. Here in lies the challenge: I can't even find the title of the album or the single. Figures. Since I should have known from previous experiences that my beloved net would not hold up it's end of our blessed search engine union and provide me with what I am seeking. As long as he drops that joint within a month from now, I will be all good. He best not miss the expiration date on my proposed deadline. I would hate to have to get on the horn and let him have what for. Smooches.